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Misty Brae Farm Pony Club Riding Center
Pony Club Riding Center
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Misty Brae Farm is a newly rocognized Pony Club Riding Center. As a recognized Pony Club Riding Center through the United States Pony Clubs, (USPC) we are pleased to offer:

* Established curriculum to teach riding and horsemanship skills

* National and International recognized Standards of Proficiency

* Local and Regional activities and events

* Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing and Games

USPC is one of the leading youth horsemanship organizations in the world, with over 600 clubs and centers in 49 states and the Virgin Islands and approximately 12,000 members. Through the USPC formal instructional program, members learn about horses and their care. Horse management is continually evaluated throughout all riding activities. Leadership, teamwork, communication skills, responsibility, and sportsmanship are just a few of the qualities that are cultivated through membership with USPC.

Membership to Misty Brae Farm Pony Club Riding Center and USPC is available to youth 5-21 and under. Members through a Pony Club Riding Center do not have to have their own horse and have access to the full Pony Club program as administered by the Riding Center. This includes learning to ride on the flat, over jumps, and in the open. In addition, members will be able to "rate" their riding ability and horse management skills against an established standard of proficiency and be able to participate in center, regional, and national activities.

Each of the ten Pony Club ratings is more difficult than the preceding one, and requires Pony Club members to learn more about horses and their care and to become increasingly accomplished riders and teachers of riding and horse care to younger members. The top rating, 'A,' is reached by fewer than one in 300 and denotes throughout the international horse industry a highly competent and knowledgeable horseperson.

The United States Pony Clubs, Inc. (USPC) was founded in 1954 as a nonprofit national youth organization to teach riding and horsemanship through a formal educational program. Many of the nation's top equestrians, including most of our Olympic Equestrian team members, have Pony Club roots. Activities are English-riding based, and members ride both horses and ponies, depending on the size of the rider and the discipline in which he or she is competing.

All Pony Club competition is team competition, much like the Olympic games, where members learn the importance of cooperation and teamwork. For more information on Pony Club, please visit their Web site at

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The United States Pony Clubs, Inc.


(Revised January 1, 2009)

The United States Pony Clubs, Inc., establishes Standards of Proficiency within the framework of the international Pony Club

movement as the curriculum for a program of instruction and evaluation of its members for ratings.

D Rating:
The D Ratings are an introduction to the fun and challenge

of riding, establishing a foundation of safety habits and knowledge of

the daily care of a pony and tack. The D-1 through D-3 Pony Club

member learns to ride independently and with control, maintaining a

reasonably secure position at the walk, trot and canter and over low

fences. All D ratings are awarded at the club level.

C-1 and C-2 Ratings: The C-1 and C-2 is a Pony Club member learning

to become an active horseman, to care independently for pony and

tack and to understand the reasons for what he or she is doing. The C-1

and C-2 show development towards a secure, independent seat and

increasing control and confidence in all phases of riding. The C-1 and

C-2 ratings are awarded at the club level.

The H-B, C-3, B, H/H-A and A Ratings are facilitated on a national

basis and require a greater depth of knowledge and proficiency than the

earlier ratings. Successful candidates are competent, all-around horsemen,

active and contributing members of USPC, who participate in a

variety of Pony Club activities. They are also thoughtful leaders who set

an example for all levels.

The H-B Rating covers Horse Management knowledge that demonstrates

increasing knowledge and competence in the care and handling

of horses.

The H/H-A Rating requires the knowledge, experience and maturity to

evaluate and care for a mountís needs efficiently and in a variety of circumstances,

and to teach riding and horse care to others.

Pony Club members may choose to follow one or all of three riding

tracks. They are: Traditional, Show Jumping or Dressage.

The C-3 Rating reflects a basis of competence in riding and horses care

that will make possible a lifetime of pleasure with horses. If the C-3 riding

test is passed before the H-B, the member becomes a C+.

The B Rating is for the active horseman and Pony Club member who

is interested in acquiring further knowledge and proficiency in riding.

The B is able to ride experienced mounts with confidence and control.

The B should be able to ride and care for another personís experienced

mount, maintaining proper mental and physical condition without

undoing any of the mountís education. The B understands and is able to

explain the reasons for what he or she is doing and to contribute to the

education of younger Pony Club members.

The A Rating, the highest rating, is divided into two parts: the H/H-A,

which covers horse management, teaching and training and the A, which

tests the riding phase. The A is able to ride mounts at various levels of

schooling with judgement, tact and effectiveness; to train young mounts;

and to retrain spoiled mounts. Like the B, the A understands and is able to

explain the reasons for what he or she is doing and to contribute to the

education of younger Pony Club members.

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