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Megan DeMichele representing USPC Pony Jumper Team at US Pony Finals pony jumper team championship
Ratings and Rallies



From Sharon Turner, Rating Examiner, following Misty Brae Farm Pony Club Riding

Center’s first rating:

“…let me add that Misty Brae is doing a really wonderful job! Both the CA and the barn

owner are former Pony Club members and it is clear that the barn is well run, the horses are

well cared for, appropriate choices for horse/rider combinations are being made and both the

riding and HM instruction is excellent!

Above all I must say that the camaraderie amongst the kids is as strong as or stronger than

I've ever seen. I think the Riding Center Program offers the interesting feature of members

being with each other and sharing with one another on an extremely regular basis. It fosters

not only a friendship group that looks out for each other, but that also looks out for their

mutually shared mounts (a wonderful bonding experience I think for many Pony Clubs and

Pony Club Members). In addition they have a lot of unique pluses. One presented itself the

second rating day when a planned mount came down with an abscess. The rider, even

though only rated a D2, was able to switch to another horse she was familiar with (although

hadn't ridden is a little while) and was able to adjust through a few nerves to show a lovely

riding presentation.“

Please remember Pony Club Riding Center Dues:  $20 per month due to Misty Brae Farm LLC.  This is the monthly payment to the center.  The National dues and Virginia Region dues are annual and seperate.

MBFPCRC successfully competed in all the major regional rallies. Quiz, Show Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, and Tetrathlon rally ( te-trath'-lon ).  We were well represented at the Championship Rally in Lexingtion Va this past July in Eventing, Dressage,  Show Jumping, and Tetrathlon.  For those not familiar with tetrathlon here is a overview of this competition.

Tetrathlon: The Phases

Ride-The Ride phase of competition provides an opportunity for the rider and mount to demonstrate equestrian skills over a predefined course. Courses are designed as Stadium, Cross Country, or a combination, where the course incorporates Stadium fixtures as well as natural terrain.

Run-The Run phase of competition challenges each competitor's physical stamina and endurance. The course is designed over cross country terrain and may include obstacles that must be negotiated, such as hay bales, logs, low event fences, etc.

Shoot-The shoot phase of competition tests a competitor's skill, in a standing position, using an air pistol on a 10 meter course. Any type of compressed air or CO2 pistol is permitted which does not exceed the specifications outlined in the Tetrathlon Rule Book.

Swim-The swim phase of competition allows competitors to demonstrate their swimming skills over a pre-defined course length, measured in either meters or yards.